CDL Employment Application

Effective March 24, 2021

All CDL Holders

All prospective CDL employees must use the online XPAT Driver Application.  All applicants will have to register with the website first, and then you can access the online XPAT Driver Application.

  • If you are a CDL holder, make sure that you indicate the 26001 category.
  • Fill out the entire application, including employment history.
  • Upload all requested documents. Your application will not be considered UNTIL all documents are uploaded.
  • You must be registered with the FMCSA Clearing House to be considered for employment. If you are not registered, go here to register.

CDL Driver Application

XPAT is always looking for highly experienced and reliable Pump Operators with a valid CDL and clean driving record.  Employment with XPAT requires a clean driving record.  XPAT offers competitive wages, excellent health benefits for you and your family, a 401K program, etc.  Click here to start the application process.

Notice to all CDL applicants

You are NOT officially an XPAT employee until you have:

  • A completely filled out an XPAT CDL Application on-line and
  • uploaded all requested documents, i.e. DL, SS card, med card, and
  • a completely filled out 2nd half of the XPAT CDL application, (emailed to you), and
  • a successfully completed Pre Employment DOT drug and alcohol screen, and
  • XPAT has received the Medical Review Officer’s signed copy of successful drug and alcohol screen, and
  • you are registered with the FMCSA Clearinghouse, and
  • the HR dept in the Longview office clears you for work.

Until ALL these conditions are met, you are not eligible to work for XPAT. We must have all the information requested to enter into our payroll system before you start, so that you will be paid for your work.

Without clearance from the HR dept, you are NOT eligible for work.