Welcome to XPAT

We service East Texas, South Texas, West Texas, & South Eastern NM.

We offer:

  • BOP Testing – Pipeline Testing
  • Torque Wrenches – Nipple Up / Nipple Down services
  • Torque, Test, & Grease Packages
  • Down Hole & Backside Pumping/Pressure
  • Well Pressure Equalization
  • Valve Greasing
  • 24 hour FRAC operations
  • Casing Saw services
  • Safety Trailers

If you were affected by an XPAT layoff in April 2020, (and were on the payroll in February 2020 and are in good standing), you are eligible to return to work for up to 8 weeks at full pay. For more details, contact Beth Buckner, beth.buckner at (@) xpatllc.com.